Finding My Voice, Telling My Story, Sharing My Song

This is the week of my 50th birthday. This birthday, which I have been imagining and looking forward to for many years, is just one of the many milestones that will occur for me in the year 2012.

On January 26, my husband Carl and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. On May 6th our oldest son Lars will graduate from Lewis & Clark College in Portland. On June 1 my two younger sons Sam and Elijah will graduate from high school. And, in exactly six months from my 50th birthday, my box set of Mastering the Art of Authentic Welcome Holiday Feasts will be released and available.

When we first created this site, I asked people what they wanted to hear from me. The number one response was “I want to hear about you Marnita. How did you get from being a foster kid to starting the Table? How did you lose all that weight? Don’t you ever get down? Isn’t it a lot to take on? Don’t you ever lose hope?”

Here I thought those who had come to a Table would want to get the latest in peer-reviewed behavioral science. But instead,  much like the same reason the Table works at all, what we seeks is the authentic and personal connection.

I have a leader at one of our clients that yesterday just stopped and said “I’m so happy you spin too” (referring to that voluntary torture on a stationary bike to which some of us are addicted). Sometimes it really is about affinity and seeing yourself in someone else’s eyes.

So, now that you’ve asked, I’ll find a way to share my voice and tell my personal stories. I must practice sharing just as I practice eating less and saying kind things to those with whom I associate. I must remember that most things worth achieving involve intention and the willingness to leave it all on the court. So for the next 6 months and beyond, that’s what I’ve got to do. Leave it all on the court. Every bit of excellence, expertise, heart, dreams and hope. I have a vision. In order to have it come true I must enlist and encourage you to see the dream as well. I cannot do that without letting you know who I am and that I can be counted on to practice the dream every day.

So on the eve of the eve of my 50th birthday, I begin another new practice to create the future. To live and be the change I myself so desire to see in the world.

With your help, there can be a seat at the Table for every single person who needs or seeks one.

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