Bridging Gaps Across Difference
Are you ready to solve a problem, engage a new community or finally have a diverse stakeholder conversation? Tired of duplicative initiatives and being isolated in a silo? Need to merge cultures and identify new solutions rapidly? Do you seek measurable results?

Would you like to do this consistently? Wherever you are in the world? We can help you.

If you have an urgent and compelling need to bridge race, class, culture and other means of self-identity, Marnita’s Table model of Intentional Social Interaction (“ISI” say it “izzy”) is an innovative and cost effective human-centered technology. ISI employs a technique pioneered by major brands called “experience engineering” which is traditionally used to make you eager and happy to part with your money. We use its time-tested power to catalyze effective collaboration and productive problem solving across cultures.

Through practice we’ve become experts at bringing together policy makers, business and civic leaders with those who are impacted by the policies being made. We bring people together today, because what we do now will impact tomorrow.

For the past seven years, Marnita’s Table has brought together thousands of people for hundreds of focused conversations around a host of issues that matter to our everyday lives. We invented ISI to make the seemingly insurmountable barriers to finding common ground easy, fun and replicable. ISI is ideal for teaching and training trainers. Although a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax exempt organization, Marnita’s Table earns over 50% of our revenue through consulting with government, non-profit and for-profit organizations to improve understanding and measurably move forward critical initiatives in public health, education, housing, economic development, criminal justice, transportation and too many other arenas to list.

Specialties: Effective organizational development and systems change in cross-cultural and diverse communities. Leadership development, especially for youth and under-served, under-resourced adults. Team-building. Social capital intelligence. Training. Focus groups. Community engagement. Catalyzing concerted social action.

Marnita’s Table has licensed our logo to Marnita’s Marketplace and are taking Intentional Social Interaction global through our new books Mastering the Art of Authentic Welcome!

We hope you will drop in frequently in the coming months as we begin our national roll-out of ISI.